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South East Aircraft Services

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Working with world respected publishers, SEAS have written a number of books since 2014. Click here for past and upcoming titles:



Welcome to the new website for South East Aircraft Services

Welcome to the South East Aircraft Services (SEAS) website. We are an estblished, efficient and reliable Light Aircraft maintenance company, based in the Southdowns, West Sussex. We provide restorative services in wood and fabric repairs, glass fibre, composites, metal and paint work as well as the necessary inspections. We are in great demand and can only deal with a few customers at a time, so we apologise but there is often a waiting list for our services!

Our dedicated team take pride in our work to bring you the best possible quality of work.

For all your servicing, repair or inspections, please contact us for quotations and bookings.

This website is constantly changing, please check back regularly for updates on the company and the services we offer.

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Woodcote Cottage,

25 School Hill

Storrington Pulborough

RH20 4NA

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