South East Aircraft Services:

´╗┐In an increasingly time-hungry world, South East Aircraft Services offers a fast, friendly and efficient service to today's busy Pilots. Be your pair of wings a World Class Racing Sailplane, an Aerobatic Kitplane, a pre-war Aeronca, or "bugs in your teeth" Primary, we can look after your servicing and restoration needs.

Our Engineering Staff are all active Glider and Power Pilots, and have many years and extensive experience of Aviation Maintenance (see Projects page). Having worked with Pre-War Biplanes, through WW2 bombers and Fighters, from Vintage Gliders to the latest Airbus and Boeing Airliners, your airframe is in safe hands with us.


Our experienced team can offer prompt Annual Servicing and ARC renewals / issue for your sailplane. Repairs, instrument upgrades, weighing, or refurbishment? - no problem just ask our office. Have you a Vintage fabric glider in need of a make over, with extensive fabric experience we'll have it looking factory fresh again!

  Olympia 2B being weighed                          Kestrel 19 recovered after 7 years in a trailer


Need FLARM fitting - we can fit this in just a few hours!

Sailplane Repair

SEAS are able to offer composite repairs in our environmentally controlled workshop premises. From minor trailer rash to big crash repairs, SEAS have already helped dozens of unlucky owners back into the air since we formed. Having established an excellent working relationship with the glider insurance companies, we can offer a fast and efficient turnaround of your damaged sailplane. We can conduct insurance assessment surveys both at our premises and out on location with NO COST to the owner. We deal with all types of composite, wood and metal structures. For all your insurance work, contact us straight away should you need our services.

       ASW15B belly repair following heavy landing             ASW20F wing repair following a field landing    

       accident. New foam core (grey area) can be seen        accident which led to flints puncturing the outer

       where the damaged structure used to be.                    wing skins and necessitated these foam repairs.

 Capstan Wood repair following an act of vandalism      Astir CS wing repair after hitting a tree repaired here

         which left it with this damaged bulkhead.              using a donor section jigged to give a clean profile


Glider Trailer Refurbishment

Don't have any trust in your Gliders mobile home? With woodwork and metalwork tooling we can have your trailer stripped, repaired and good for another 10 years service in no time. Want an overhaul to coincide with your annual inspection, just let us know and we'll see what we can do.

               Old AMF Trailer before SEAS Overhaul                              Leaving the Workshop for New Customer

                A make over for a DG100 Trailer                       A week later and its serviceable for more years of service

Second Hand Sales

Occasionally South East Aircraft Services has equipment, or whole Sailplanes or Powered Aircraft for sale - watch our FOR SALE page for the latest on offer! Want us to sell something on your behalf, drop us an email and we'll see if we can help!