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SEAS was formed in 2009 to meet demand for a Professional Sailplane Maintenance Company in the South of England. Slowly, light aircraft work began to mix with the gliders and by 2014, work was almost completely light aircraft. Now in 2017, 80% of our work involves CAA Permit to Fly aircraft dating from the 1930's to 1950's although we do carry out work on light modern types too.

Tony Hoskins - Owner SEAS

Tony started learning to glide in 1994 at the Oxford Gliding Club, RAF Weston-on-the-Green, and alongside his flying training, quickly developed with assisting the clubs maintenance team looking after the training fleet. Opportunity arose to restore a vintage Slingsby Skylark 4 and once complete and freshly solo at 16 years old, this provided a steep learning curve in Cross Country flying techniques! He moved into competition flying, competing mainly in the Midlands Inter Club League and later on at several Junior Nationals Championships in his Std Cirrus. In 2001, keen for an Aircraft Engineering Career, enrolement on a CAA BCAR Licence meant a move to Sussex and he joined Southdown Gliding Club. To gain experience, Tony went to work for IWM Duxford in the restoration hangars and worked on some of the most iconic aircraft to have graced our skies including the B24 Liberator, Avro Anson, and ultimately the Spitfire. An Air League Engineering Scholarship in 2002 saw a short spell at FR Aviation in Bournemouth on the BAE146 and Falcon 20 jets, but following that an opportunity to hone woodworking skills at Aero Vintage (now Retrotec) arose, and a move to Kent saw Tony working on classic 1930s Hawker Biplanes such as the Nimrod, Fury and Audax.

During this whole period Tony retained his love of gliding and although working hard for several exciting companies to gain crucial skills, could still be found instructing at Cambridge, Kent, Southdown and South London!

After a spell with Pipers and Cessnas for Jade Air at Shoreham and Thruxton, Tony took a bold side step into the Airline industry and became a Line Engineer for Virgin Atlantic Airways on the Boeing 747-400 and Airbus A340 series. Six glorious years maintaining airliners both at Heathrow and Gatwick came to an end in 2009 when he took voluntry redundancy during the recession.


Tony's experience of Maintenance managementt is increasingly called upon by individuals and since 2014, he has contracted his time on a case by case basis to various collectors and companies to assist with compliance with busy maintenance schedules and the ever changing legislation. Regular warbird maintenance and restoration contracts began to arise during 2015 and a range of CAA Permit to Fly types now provide regular work through the workshop

Forming SEAS, the company draws on Tony's experience across a broad spectrum of the aviation industry. Age old skills learned on historic airframes are just as good today, and an Airline career can't give a better understanding of the legislative challenges faced by light aviation today. With 23 years in the flying movement, a total understanding of what our customers require comes naturally.

SEAS now specialise in long-term restoration projects, and repairs to light aircraft. Contact the office with your requirements and we will do our best to accomodate you.

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