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13/08/2012: SEAS are TV stars! Tonight, at 9pm on Ch4 in the UK, we will feature in the 90 minute documentary "Escape from Colditz". Filmed in March of 2012, SEAS were commisioned to build an exact replica of the famous glider in the roof of the former POW camp in Colditz Castle, Germany. See our Gallery and Projects pages for more pictures of this "once in a lifetime project".

01/08/12: SEAS are proud to be supports of the UKs first Glider Heritage Centre, being planned for opening in 2013 at Lasham in Surrey. SEAS have already donated a SZD Pirat airframe to the project, and are now very proud to be supporting this venture again by donating a full size Colditz Glider Replic to be displayed for all to enjoy in the museum. For more information on this exciting project, please visit:

24/06/12: After our most intense winter season yet, SEAS look forward to a season of projects, both ours and those of our customers. Watch this space for forthcoming airframe sales and if you are unfortunate enough to require our repair services this summer, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

23/03/12: As may have been seen from recent National Newspaper coverage, SEAS have just returned from filming a CH4 Documentary in Colditz Castle in Saxony, Germany. We are unfortunately unable to comment on our activities until closer to the transmission date - but watch this space on this exciting project!

24/12/11: SEAS wish all our customers, present and future, a very Merry Christmas and safe soaring in 2012! Investments in exciting new facilities will be realised in early 2012 and we have many exciting new developements in the next 6 months - watch this space!

16/10/11: We are currently completing a number of our longer term projects as well as conducting the first of our annual maintenance commitments for this winter. See our For Sale page for more information on the airframes we have to offer.

25/09/11: Bookings are now open for Glider refinishes for winter 2011, our very competitive rates will be strictly on a first come first served basis, and December is already reserved for a customer. If you would like a free no obligation quotation, please contact Claire in the Office.

07/09/11: SEAS is now taking further bookings for winter annual maintenance. We are holding our prices fixed for the rest of the financial year, so as long as your aircraft is defect free, you know exactly what you are going to spend with no hidden extras. Our new facilities will also enable us to take on further regelling work here in the UK at prices very competitive to those offered in Eastern Europe. If you need any significant regel/repaint work this winter, please contact the office to find out more.

04/08/11: SEAS is making significant investment at new facilities on a local airstrip which are due to be completed this winter. As well as purpose built spray and stripping booths, we will have much greater capacity for airframe maintenance and refurbishment. From Spring 2012, SEAS will be able to accept airborne traffic to meet the increasing demand we are seeing from motorgliders, microlights, and Permit-to-fly aircraft. All movements will be strictly on a PPR basis.

17/06/11: SEAS is now well into the season for crash repairs and has already had a number of airframes in for repair since Christmas which are now back with their much happier and satisfied owners. If you are unfortunate enough to have an accident with your glider, no matter how little or large, please do not hesitate to contact the office.

19/05/11: SEAS completes the final Annual Inspection and ARC Renewal for this last winter giving a total count of over 75 airframes for annuals in the last 6 months! With increased trade in this area SEAS is fast becoming a reputable established glider maintenance company!

03/05/11: SEAS make steps towards moving and establishing themselves at new, larger premises in the third quart of this year. The new premises has it's own airstrip allowing SEAS to accept airborne inputs as well as a modern spray booth, bigger workshop and office. With more staff enabling a faster and more efficient service, SEAS will be able to expand to meet the demand of it's increasing customer base.

29/03/11: SEAS complete an ASW15 refinish and embark on multiple OUDIE fittings for our customers prior to the start of the thermal soaring season. If you require any instrument refit work, or even just advice on the matter, dont hesitate to contact the office.

16/02/11: Initial Launch of new website.

03/02/11: New Website layout coming soon!

27/01/11: Check out our For Sale page for the latest airframes we have available for sale on behalf of our customers. SEAS are expanding more into the Motorglider and TMG markets as we increase our services to our customers. If you have a TMG in need of servicing, contact us for your maintenance requirements.

25/12/10: SEAS would like to wish all its customers current and future, a very Merry Christmas and safe soaring in 2011!

23/12/10: SEAS would like to announce that it will be VAT registered from April 1st 2011, any bookings taken for work after the 1st April will have UK VAT applied.

18/12/10: We are now deep into the Annual maintenance season, and the workshop is utilising the extra manpower this winter to complete this work and some of our longer term projects. We will be closed from 24th December until the 3rd January for new work.

01/12/10: SEAS marks one year of business, and what a year it’s been! We've completed some 89 airframes in the last 52 weeks, 4 major repairs, 4 more gliders transitioned and returned to flight, 6 trailer rebuilds and numerous minor repairs, pre purchase inspections, sales and much much more! With even more customers booked in 2011, SEAS would like to thank all those that have entrusted us with their maintenance requirements, and we look forward to the opportunities 2011 will bring.

23/11/10: SEAS begin the first strip and refinish of an ASW15 in our Partridge Green facility. SEAS are pleased to be able to offer this essential maintenance option to our customers, and we are looking to conduct a small number of refinish packages during 2011. If you have any refinishing questions, please contact the Office during working hours.

12/11/10: A wide range of varied projects have passed through the SEAS Workshop so far this month, from SF27 Re-fabrics to RF4 Canopy Bubble fitting.

21/09/10: SEAS complete another Cockpit refurbishment as part of a transition inspection for a customer. SEAS can offer complete cockpit rewires, refurbishments, or re interiors for certain aircraft. Contact the office to see how we can help.

02/09/10: SEAS undertake a big wood repair to a customer's T49 Capstan which was damaged through vandalism whilst parked out one night. The damage tore out the rear bulkhead which the (luckily unbroken) canopy attaches to. SEAS made a new section of bulkhead which was then jigged and spliced into position, and the area refinished. The opportunity was taken to complete the annual inspection thus ensuring the syndicate continued serviceability for another 12 months.

22/08/10: SEAS launches its new advertising campaign with the UK gliding magazine S&G. Our current adverts will run for a year from the October/November issue and we hope the readership will enjoy our refreshing style of advertising. SEAS would like to thank Will Jarman for his creative talents.

18/08/10: This month SEAS has seen a busy period with Annual Inspections, repairs, and a few modifications, including a Ducatti Ignition box conversion for a client's DG400. With increasing bookings for the winter maintenance period (we are already handling bookings up to May 2011) we would urge all customers considering SEAS for their annual inspections to book early to avoid disappointment.

03/08/10: South East Aircraft Services are pleased to be able to offer the Brooke Glider Towbar. This towbar offers a substantial saving on the alternative tow bars that are currently available and are in fact designed to fit any glider fitted with a tail dolly. It even comes with the hardware to convert your tail dolly to accept the arm, no more extra pins, nuts, or bolts, an all round excellent package! Please contact the office for more information on this essential accessory.

01/08/10: August proved very busy for us, with two customers bringing their aircraft in for repairs, some emergency bodywork repairs on a rare 1966 Le Man Racing Car, as well as continued maintenance on a wide range of gliders for our customers at clubs all around the region. We now maintain aircraft from 9 different clubs around England and as news of our level of service spreads, we look forward to offering our services to clubs further afield.

15/07/10: With Autumn wave camps in the planning, why not get your oxygen serviced with us? We have a local EASA approved Aviation Oxygen servicing centre, and can offer our customers a prompt return on their units. Book now in time for that October trip.

05/07/10: June proved busy with more accident repairs as well as the South East Aircraft T38 Project. We have acquired an RF4D Motorglider for rebuild which will hopefully fly during 2013. Meanwhile bookings are coming in thick and fast for winter maintenance, if you need us to service your glider during 2010, contact the office to arrange a date.

14/06/10: South East Aircraft Services welcomes James Grantham on his Work Experience from a local School. James flies at a local Gliding Club and hopes to fly Solo in September this year.

29/05/10: We deliver our first completed accident repair to a very pleased customer in fast efficient time following a field landing accident. SEAS have the facilities to cure minor to substantial repairs and can offer Gel or Two Pack paint finishes. If you are unfortunate to have an accident and need a fast turnaround, please don’t hesitate to contact the office to check our availability.

01/05/10: New South East Aircraft Services project arrives at workshop. Over the next few months when time permits in our busy schedule, we will completely restore a 1956 T38 Grasshopper to airworthy condition. Follow our project pages for updates.

05/05/10: A normally quiet period sees our workshop full, a few annuals are booked this month, but now we're taking accident repairs too. We're making significant investment in our spraying facilities this summer as demand for this work grows. If you have any painting requirements, please contact the office.

13/04/10: New Photo gallery added in sampling some of the work done this year at our workshop facility.

06/04/10: SEAS project Olympia 2B BJC takes to the air for the first time in 11 years with Paul Barker at the controls. The glider had a satisfactory flight being taken to the limits of its performance envelope, and it is hoped that it will continue to offer its new syndicate many hours of fun safe flying in the future.

29/03/10: March closes as our busiest month yet with all our customers now ready for the soaring season. We still have space for your servicing needs in the summer months ahead, or indeed can book you now for this winter to get ahead of the rush! From April and May as well as continuing with annuals and ARCs, we'll be getting into project time, both trailers and aeroplanes. If you have some work need doing, give us a call.

17/03/10: LAK 12 arrives for a 500 Hour/5 Year Structural Inspection in preparation for sale. March proves to be our busiest month yet, along with a packed workshop, our For Sale page grows ever.

27/02/10: First DG400 enters the workshop. As well as your standard motorglider servicing South East Aircraft Services can offer everything from the specialist Rotax Con-rod End Float inspections to the 3 and 6 yearly fuel line changes on DG400s.

16/02/10: Self Sustaining and Self Launching Motorglider prices added to prices page.

08/02/10: Due to demand South East Aircraft Services makes significant investment in workshop infrastructure as part of the preparation for our Motorglider maintenance approval. We hope to offer SLMG owners our services shortly - watch this space for details!

02/02/10: South East Aircraft Services complete first of two Wooden Schleicher glider 5 year structural inspections to meet BGA 042-07-2004 issue 3. Using precision Borescope equipment we can ensure all requirements of this repeat inspection can be met with the minimum of cosmetic disturbance. For further information about this important BGA Airworthiness Directive contact the office.

26/01/10: January proves to be a very busy month with 8 gliders and 4 trailers completed so far - February is filling up fast so if you need our services contact the office.

December 2009: New venture South East Aircraft Services acquires substantial workshop facilities in Partridge Green, West Sussex. Initial Website published - more to follow...

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