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At South East Aircraft Services, we have been involved with many wide and varied projects, including serious complex glider repairs, restorations, renovations and generally aiding those in the gliding community. Here is but a small selection ofour typical daily work from the last 12 months...
ASW20 Regel and modern livery application. We work with local vinyl template producers and using our new purpose built spray facilities, we can create quality modern schemes to our customers requirements.
Canopy replacement for a local gliding club. Canopies are very delicate items, a moments carelessness can ground your glider for a significant time if its a rare type! SEAS have fitted several canopies to both gliders and motorgliders in the last 12 months, and we have more booked in.
We travel the length and bredth of the UK for our customers, which sometimes requires us collecting some "interesting" trailers!
Fairly serious repair to this elevator - damaged during a field landing accident after running backwards into a hedge. It was back in flying in just a couple of weeks with SEAS completing this and several other significant repairs on this glider. SEAS has conducted more and more insurance work for our customers as our reputation grows - if you are unfortunate to require repairs during 2012 - consider our services.
Belly refinish as part of annual inspection for a British Team member. We allocate several days dedicated to each annual inspection to allow for this work - we can carry out quite significant cosmetic repairs during your annual inspection - contact the office for more details!
Major ASW20F wing repair in our purpose built jig. We have carried out significant repairs to Centrair manufactured gliders during 2011 with full factory authorisation. With many contacts throughout Europe and France, we can source spares and talk to manufacturers directly to get the quickest turnaround for major repair tasks
Sometimes the worst does happen, SEAS have the facilities to recover your damaged airframe whilst you may be otherwise engaged. We regularly transport small powered aircraft too on our open flat bed trailer. Talk to us if you need our help.
Tow out gear can make or break a sale deal! manufacturing this from scratch is very timeconsuming and we can only recommend this if we can find no other way of sourcing such items. Here is a set we scratch built for a customer in 2009, still in regular use today.
Passing on our knowledge. In 2010 we took local students for work experience "hands on" with our project airframes. Gliding needs younger people to come through the system to help continue our sport into the future, our new staff work with experienced inspectors to further their knowledge.
The Staff at South East Aircraft Services have been involved in many projects over the years - here are just a few of them...

Past Projects:

1963 Slingsby Skylark 4 Recover and repaint to its original British Team colours for a customer in 2004.
Repairing a 1944 Dragon Rapide after an Engine Failure in Holland necessitating much driving and several Gipsy Queen III Engine changes.
Escaping from Colditz Castle! In 2011, SEAS were approached to investigate the possibility of building a full size, accurate replica of the Colditz Cock from original materials in the very roof the interred POWs did some 67 years previously. After 6 months of international liaisons between SEAS and the Authorities, permission was granted for this one off event, and in March 2012 it all happened. SEAS designed a 360 piece kit of parts which we transported to Eastern Germany, and after setting up in the Chapel attic in the former prison, two weeks later our team emerged with a full size, flying radio controlled glider. Launch was successful using the original method intended by the prisoners, and although the constraints of the landing field meant we had to deliberately crash the machine, SEAS proved the sensational plan would have worked. Aired in August 2012 on Ch4 in the UK, SEAS featured prominently in the 90 minute documentary.

Restoring a 1944 B24M for the American Air Museum Collection at IWM Duxford. Having been fitted with much camera equipment for use as a survey aircraft after the war the need for a return to its wartime configuration required the total rebuild of the extreme rear fuselage and the rebuild and installation of an authentic gun turret.
(Photo Credit Ian Mays)

1958 Elliots of Newbury Olympia undergoing a heavy inspection following a few years in dry storage - NOW COMPLETED AND FLYING!
Current Projects:

1956 Slingsby T38 Grasshopper. A pioneering aircraft of post war flight training, this is a total restoration back to flight after years in storage, it is hoped to conduct ground hops later this summer.
1968 Fournier RF4D. One of the most iconic and sought after aerobatic airframes, G-BIIF is famous as one of the ex Skyhawks Aerobatic Tema airframes. In need of extensive rebuild - SEAS are working as time permits to completely strip and repair this glider which has been stored since 1993. First flight is anticipated for 2013.

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